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Ekosistemimizle ilgili sorularınızın yanıtlarını bulun.

  • Energy Pack
    The Energy Pack includes systems such as photovoltaic systems, batteries, heat pumps, cooling systems and ventilation. This pack is a great add-on for high energy production and energy efficiency.
  • Water Pack
    The Water Pack includes systems such as water purification systems, water softening systems and rainwater harvesting systems. This pack allows you to prioritize water efficiency in your living space and care about your water footprint.
  • Automation Pack
    The goal of the Automation Pack is to simplify the Hab owner’s life. The pack monitors and controls home attributes such as lighting, HVAC, window shutters, and cleaning robots, among others, employing IoT and energy-saving measures to achieve a net positive environmental impact.
  • Landscape Pack
    The Landscape Pack covers general landscape services such as a planting, garden wall, irrigation system, environmental lighting, and building lighting.
  • Security Pack
    The Security Pack solutions such as alarm systems, CCTV, and access controls allow you to take you security to the next level, connecting to the internet to provide multiple access points for different times and locations.
  • A/V Pack
    The Audio/Visual Pack is the marriage of high-definition televisions and audiophile-grade speaker systems, integrated in one centralized location. The Audio/Video system offers the infrastructure for flawless pictures and sound to any living space, via customized and carefully situated screens and speakers.

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