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Our journey began in 2016 with the drive to design eco-friendly, sustainable, and innovative living spaces, places for new life experiences.


The Hab Project evolved from the architectural design practice by Afacan and Şeşen in their company İki Mimar Architecture and Construction. We have designed and constructed various architectural projects in Turkey and worldwide, ranging from private houses to large-scale projects.


The Hab Project focuses on creating a culture and environment that moves from conventional structures to energy-efficient systems built from natural materials integrated into nature with harmony. The project vision is to achieve today's needs while meeting the demands and expectations of future generations.


We are based on a four-tier framework: caring about nature, being design-oriented, being innovative, and doing masterly. We introduce the Hab Project as the practice of designing habitats through regeneration and implementing adaptive integration with nature.


In 2021, we turned our idea into reality. The first Hab Project, habC2 333, was born in Ankara, Turkey, as a proof-of-concept derived from our R&D studies.


Today, we are actively developing The Hab Project ecosystem.

Our Purpose

Designing and delivering inspirational and regenerative habitats towards a better world.

Our Values

We are a design-oriented team that cares deeply about nature, innovation, and masterful execution.

Our Ecosystem

We are advancing with the principle of end-to-end services and solutions as the entire Hab ecosystem emerges as a sustainable and regenerative brand.

Our Goals

We know our Sustainable Development Goals and we #ACT4SDGS

Our Journey

Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary team that respects nature and provide Hab solution alternatives to meet the needs of our customers.

Dilara Numanoğlu
Design Director

İpek Oğulmuş

Ceren Soyaltay

Alara Mermerci

Bahadır Alacapınar
Brand Director

Sefa Esintokan

Göksun Afacan
Finance Manager

Süha Afacan

Berkay Şeşen

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