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Radon free

Habitats are elevated from the ground, so hab owners are not affected by radon gas.

Minimal soil interference

We ensure that the layers containing minerals, organic matter, animals, and microorganisms in the soil texture are minimally affected.

Reduced impact on nature

Our installation processes have 77% less impact than conventional construction processes.

Reduced construction noise

The equipment and materials used in our installation processes generate low sound levels and produce less noise.


Lower carbon.

Lower carbon emissions

Hab materials produce lower carbon emissions and higher carbon sequestration.

*Manufacturing 1 ton of cement releases 780 kg of CO2 to the Earth. 1 m³ wood stores 1 ton CO2.

Optimized team

The installation process is conducted by an optimized number of team members allowing energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions compared to conventional construction processes.

An ecosystem that cares for the planet

A sustainable lifecycle is ensured through the choice of materials, construction techniques, and tools.

No heavy construction machinery

We are not using heavy construction machinery therefore significantly lowering carbon emissions.


The recycling and upcycling experience.

Stay in the loop

In extreme scenarios, habRefurbished offers the opportunity to relocate a project with only a 15% loss of materials

Fewer construction wastes

All the materials used in the Hab projects are recyclable and reusable natural materials.

*Compared to conventional construction processes, 90% less construction waste is generated.

Full awareness

Hab owners will always enjoy the highest awareness of the lifestyle of the future brought to you now.

High quality

Our ecosystem ensures a high quality of life and well-being.

Savings and Efficiencies

More energy. Less water.

Greater energy savings

Insulated frame and climate control efficiency in systems provide up to min 40% and a max of 70% energy savings.

Less heat loss

Our insulation solutions provide up to 4 times less heat loss than traditional structures.

Water efficiency

In addition to saving up to 45% of your domestic water and wastewater, you can reuse up to 85% of your household water.

Increased energy efficiency

With super insulation, innovative technologies and details, the Hab project reduces energy consumption and uses less energy.

Respect for Nature

For all of us.

Our Values

We are here to inspire a new way of life, designing the regenerative living spaces and life experiences of our dreams.


We are a design-oriented team that cares deeply about nature, innovation, and masterful execution.

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